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Bleach Wallpaper

Quincy Pride [W]

Bleach Wallpaper

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Akihito Takanashi Wallpaper

Serenity [W]

Akihito Takanashi Wallpaper

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Kingdom Hearts Wallpaper

Rose Graveyard [W]

Kingdom Hearts Wallpaper

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Tags: Roxas, Sora

Bleach Wallpaper

Cold Eyes [W]

Bleach Wallpaper

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Tags: Toshiro Hitsugaya

Jigoku Shoujo Wallpaper

Ai [W]

Jigoku Shoujo Wallpaper

1600x1200, 304 Favorites

Tags: Ai Enma

Air Gear Wallpaper

Pink is the new Blue [W]

Air Gear Wallpaper

1600x1200, 298 Favorites

Tags: Ringo Noyamano, Vector Art


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  1. mirtillo 23wk 3d ago

    "Setsuna's Dark Ora" by angelearth10
    "Setsuna's Dark Ora" by angelearth10

    Thanks for the comment and fav!

  2. AiyaHoshiko Jul 24, 2013

    Quote by Chloe Absolutely beautiful! I love the colors and the glow and the vectoring is just SO clean and neat! Great job!

    Thank you for coment and fav! ^^

  3. Drakill Mar 12, 2013

    Quote by ChloeYes it's cold, LOL!

    Yeah, I just checked out the link and saw she had replied. I had also sent her a PM and she had replied to that too. I sent her back a message saying that the image she had rendered form Zerochan IS MY image, so it's the same thing :P We'll see what she says!

    :D Well cold is good!

    OK cool :)

    I had a look at your wallpapers and the other site you're on (distant destiny or something) you're good! Much better then I am XD

  4. Drakill Mar 11, 2013

    Quote by ChloeSorry for the late reply!
    But yeah, UPS is like FedEx. Except we only have the boring color of brown XD

    Yeah, I live in Quebec, so you HAVE to know French. My mother's French Canadian too, so there's that as well XD And yes, that was spelled correctly!

    It's fine. :)
    Haha. Well when I went to high school my school uniform was brown >.>

    Cool. Is it nice and cold there? @_@
    Good XD

    Oh btw, today I was checking messages and stuff on DA and I came across the same render you did. I'm not sure if it's your exact one but I just thought you'd like to know. ->