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Cold Eyes [W]

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Ai [W]

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Pink is the new Blue [W]

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  1. mirtillo 22wk 4d ago

    "Setsuna's Dark Ora" by angelearth10
    "Setsuna's Dark Ora" by angelearth10

    Thanks for the comment and fav!

  2. AiyaHoshiko Jul 24, 2013

    Quote by Chloe Absolutely beautiful! I love the colors and the glow and the vectoring is just SO clean and neat! Great job!

    Thank you for coment and fav! ^^

  3. Drakill Mar 12, 2013

    Quote by ChloeYes it's cold, LOL!

    Yeah, I just checked out the link and saw she had replied. I had also sent her a PM and she had replied to that too. I sent her back a message saying that the image she had rendered form Zerochan IS MY image, so it's the same thing :P We'll see what she says!

    :D Well cold is good!

    OK cool :)

    I had a look at your wallpapers and the other site you're on (distant destiny or something) you're good! Much better then I am XD

  4. Drakill Mar 11, 2013

    Quote by ChloeSorry for the late reply!
    But yeah, UPS is like FedEx. Except we only have the boring color of brown XD

    Yeah, I live in Quebec, so you HAVE to know French. My mother's French Canadian too, so there's that as well XD And yes, that was spelled correctly!

    It's fine. :)
    Haha. Well when I went to high school my school uniform was brown >.>

    Cool. Is it nice and cold there? @_@
    Good XD

    Oh btw, today I was checking messages and stuff on DA and I came across the same render you did. I'm not sure if it's your exact one but I just thought you'd like to know. ->

  5. Drakill Mar 05, 2013

    Quote by ChloeThank you! We were actually born 4 days apart XD

    No no, I mean, some people don't consider them scary games, but I'm a big chicken, so they're the only scary games I can play XD I've tried playing like, F.E.A.R. or Slender or even Amnesia: The Dark Descent, but I scare very easily and don't get very far XD

    I've never played any of the other Tomb Raiders either XD But I'm loving this whole re-vamping that they're doing. Like what they did for the Batman movies - the dark side of it all, you know? I love those kind of reboots.

    Yessss, Minecraft! I LOOOOVE Minecraft! It's very addicting though, I don't play as much as I used to unfortunately XD

    Most people get my name right. It's usually people who don't have English or French as a first language who get it wrong XD
    I work at a UPS Store :P It's kind of boring, lol.

    Really? Haha. Awesome. :D

    Oh I see. XD I actually like horrors. I just don't really play horror games much :/
    I haven't played FEAR but I played Slender and Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Slender was boring :P And Amnesia I got bored of as well. XD I got tired of running around doing nothing.

    Yeah the new batman games were cool. I've played Batman Arkham Asylum and Batman Arkham City. Though I have Arkham city at home. Ok my friend is actually borrowing it.

    Yeah Minecraft is addictive. The graphics suck though XDD But you do get really into it. I hate those dam green exploding dudes. They piss me off XD
    I don't play it that much either. I have it installed but I haven't opened it in about a month or two.

    UPS are those delivery people right? Like FedEx?
    French? Cool. My aunt that I lived with for a while in Ireland LOVES French XD She taught me a little :P
    Since you live in Canada you speak some French right?
    Bonjour madame. Comment etes vous? Hopefully I spelled them right o.O?

  6. Drakill Mar 04, 2013

    Quote by ChloeNeat! Well right now I'm playing Dead Space 3 (big fan of the Dead Space series, they're the only "scary" games I can play XD). I like a lot of different types of games. I think my favorite game of recent times would probably be.... Bioshock. I just LOVED Bioshock and I can't wait for Infinite! I'm dying to play the new Tomb Raider too! I also like COD :P Modern Warfare 2 was my favorite, but Black Ops 2 is pretty good too (much better than Black Ops 1 and Modern Warfare 3, in my opinion).
    I've got most of this year's big games pre-ordered. I was so sure Watch Dogs and Beyond: Two Souls were coming out this summer, I felt like such a potato when I realized they were only coming out in December :P
    What about you? What kind of games do you like? Do you have a Steam/PS3/Xbox Live account?

    And LOL@ Cleo! You should here some customers at work... I've heard Cleo, Chole and once Sharleen (which makes NO sense :| )

    XD Your birthday is in March too? Well happy birthday for today Chloe. I hope you have a awesome one :) Mine is one the 8th :P And thanks for the friend add. I added you back :)

    Dead Space? Nice. I have Dead Space 1. But I've played 1 & 2. THey the only scary games you can play? What do you mean? That they the only ones that scare you? XD
    I have Bioshock too :P Yeah I've seen some wallpapers and some trailers for Infinite and it looks awesome.
    I don't know about Tomb Raider. I'm not really a Tomb Raider fan. But the wallpapers & images of the new one look pretty cool. Not like the other ones.
    I have COD modern warfare as well XD Black ops was ok. I haven't played Black Ops 2 though :/
    Haha. A potato XD I don't really preorder games.
    No I don't have any of those accounts :/
    What games I like? Lots :P At the moment I'm playing: Minecraft, Borderlands 2, Torchlight 2, The Darkness 2, Lord Of The Rings: The Battle for middle earth 2 - the witch king, Hawx, kingdom of amalur reckoning, Bionic Commando, NFSU2, Assassins Creed Brotherhood, and thats all I have installed....i think XD
    I get bored of a game quickly ok :P
    I like most games. XD

    Sharleen? Hahaha XDD Ok that one is random XD
    Is it annoying that people keep calling you something else besides your name?
    What is you job if you don't mind my asking?

    PS = Sorry if I screw up some spelling or place a word in the wrong place but I type quickly so usually I only notice my errors after the other person has already replied and I check my quote. I can speak English correctly XD I usually correct others. :P
    And sorry for this long ass message. You'll probably see it and be like o.O "daaaaam!" XD

  7. Drakill Mar 02, 2013

    Quote by Chloe
    Yup, saw it on your profile :D I LOOOOVE video games and I've just recently started buying video game artbooks :D

    Oh ok XD
    I love games too :)
    Well I'm a mod on that site :P
    What kind of games do you like?
    For some reason, every time I see your name I read it as cleo xD

  8. Drakill Mar 02, 2013

    Quote by ChloeIt's this person: her old account (AsianMagic) is "closed", I think.
    BTW, can I ask what "thevideogamegallery" is? Is it just a site with gaming scans? I've look at the site, but there isn't a section explaining what the heck they do/are XD

    Thanks. Hmmm :/ She hasn't been on in 8 weeks.
    Haha. They have wallpapers and scans and competitions ...
    It's basically a image site for images of games. Where did you see that? On my profile page?