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  1. Raffachan 1wk 4d ago

    Quote by Chloe LOVE the lighting *_* Very beautiful, keep up the excellent work!

    Thanks a loooooooooot <3

  2. pamkips 6wk 5d ago

    Quote by Chloe OMG PAM! HAHAHAAA, I was like "Who the heck is Pamkips and why am I subbed to her?!"
    LOVE THIS. I really like this version compared to the other one you posted in your description. The lighting is just so much better and I loooove the colors! Great job!

    CHLOE! lmao Fran got me a rename about a year or two ago! I got a rename @ lj and she's like "why not MT?" :3 I'm living the ways of ~☆~pamkips~☆~ now. Gosh, thank you so much Chloe! ALSO RLY GREAT TO SEE YOU IT'S BEEN YEARS. <333

  3. Blue-Latte 8wk 4d ago

    Quote by Chloe

    It sucks, yes, LOL!

    Haha, but it's good that you still have time to come here and enjoy beautiful scans or wallpapers.
    Anyway, I hope to see you around. It would be awesome if you could be an active member again and share your stunning wallpapers here. ;) Take care, Chloe.

  4. Blue-Latte 8wk 5d ago

    Quote by Chloe
    Wow, thank you so much! It's nice to hear that that tutorial actually helped someone XD
    Aaahhh, I wish I had more time to wall, but I don't unfortunately :(

    Yupp. C=
    Oh, now too busy with real life and.. work? Being an actual grown up is hard eh?

  5. Blue-Latte 9wk 1d ago

    Hello Chloe, nice to meet you! C=
    I just realized that you're the founder of edd. I used to visit that site very often. The vector tutorial there have helped me a lot when the first time I learned how to vector.

    Your wallpapers are amazing, btw. Hope to see more ;)

  6. Scarlatus Restricted Member 9wk 1d ago

    oh you have a really kawai avatar

  7. mirtillo 35wk 4d ago

    "Setsuna's Dark Ora" by angelearth10
    "Setsuna's Dark Ora" by angelearth10

    Thanks for the comment and fav!

  8. AiyaHoshiko Jul 24, 2013

    Quote by Chloe Absolutely beautiful! I love the colors and the glow and the vectoring is just SO clean and neat! Great job!

    Thank you for coment and fav! ^^